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Web Accessibility


To ensure that all blind, deaf/blind, and partially sighted persons have equal access to Canadian-based websites.

Whenever a blind, deaf/blind, or partially sighted person accesses the Internet, they must be able to gain access to websites in order to gather information, make decisions, and carry out transactions of purchase and/or sale.

In order to protect their confidentiality and privacy, they must be able to do this independently, without sighted assistance.

Websites must be made accessible to all blind, deaf blind, and partially sighted persons, using their choice of adaptive technologies.

Need for Action

More websites in Canada must be made accessible to blind, deaf/blind, and partially sighted Canadians.

Proposed Solutions

Lobby the Federal Government to pass legislation mandating all Federal government departments, crown corporations, and federally governed companies, to make their websites accessible, based on the latest web accessibility standards.

This legislation should also include all companies that do direct or indirect business with the Federal Government.

Lobby provincial and municipal governments to do the same.

How You Can Help

Please support blind Canadians by joining us in Advocating that all levels of government mandate the design and development of accessible websites to all Canadians.

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