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Accessible Products


To increase the availability of household products and appliances, that are independently useable by individuals who are blind, deaf/blind, or partially sighted, and to prevent the introduction of new barriers to the usability of such items by those unable to read digital screens, dials, gages, etc. 

Despite literature which outlines the principles of universal design, manufacturers of appliances continue to make items that are inaccessible to those who are blind, deaf/blind, or partially sighted.

Such items  include microwaves, stoves, washing machines, entertainment systems, etc.  These appliances often have touch screen controls,  no tactile access or speech output, and  complicated menu systems.  As the population ages, and more individuals experience vision loss, the issue of inaccessible appliances will only grow in scope.

Need for Action

A combination of education and legislation must be used to increase the availability of appliances that can be used independently by those with little or no sight.

Proposed Solutions

 The AEBC must lobby the Federal Government, along with the manufacturers of, and importers of basic household appliances, to ensure the continued accessibility of such appliances by blind, deaf/blind, and partially sighted Canadians.

How You Can Help

Please join the AEBC in pressuring governments and private corporations, to ensure that  all household appliances sold in Canada, are accessible to blind, deaf/blind, and partially sighted consumers.