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National Identification Card


To make the case for the creation of a national system of blindness verification in Canada.

Canadians who meet the legal definition of "blindness" are entitled to an array of concessions and benefits, as set forth in a variety of pieces of legislation.

Need for Action

Canadians who attempt to access any of these concessions or benefits, are asked, often repeatedly, to provide proof of their "blindness".  This almost invariably means an appointment with an Ophthalmologist, they being the only ones allowed to make such a declaration.  This results in a financial burden on the person seeking the declaration of "blindness", and places an additional strain on the country's already overworked medical system.

Proposed Solutions

The Government of Canada must appoint a Ministry to accept responsibility for production of a card, verifying that the holder is in fact considered "blind".  Such a card should be made available, as a matter of right, to any "blind" adult Canadian, seeking such a card, upon a one-time presentation of proof of "blindness".  Such a card should be considered "Government Identification", and accepted as such any time that Government Identification is required. Such a card should contain a photograph of the card holder, and should be subject to renewal every ten years after the age of 19, upon submission of a current photograph.

How You Can Help

Please support blind Canadians by joining us in pressuring the Federal government to accept responsibility for issuance of a verification of blindness, to those Canadians thus.    

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