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Assistive Devices Programs


To ensure that blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians have access to the technology and supports necessary to facilitate their integration into society, at home and at work.

Assistive devices programs (ADP) provide financial assistance to allow blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted consumers to access and purchase specialized equipment and services, ranging from magnifiers to braille printers to hearing aids.  This equipment is often very expensive, yet necessary to employment and leisure activities.

Need for Action

Health care and health services are generally considered to be a provincial responsibility in Canada.  As such, each province administers its own ADP program, if it has one at all.  Some provinces, such as Ontario and Quebec, have particularly strong ADP programs, while others offer little or no assistance to people who require these specialized services.

As a result, for people living in such provinces, gaining access to employment and leisure activities can be very difficult.

Proposed Solutions

A nationally-standardized assistive devices program would help to ensure equality for blind, deaf-blind and partially sighed Canadians.

How You Can Help

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