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Call to the 2011 AGM and Conference - First Edition

The first edition of the "call" to the 2011 AGM/conference in Brantford, Ontario is now available. 

Included in this edition of the call is:

  • An introductory message
  • A draft agenda for the weekend (Schedule A)
  • The conference registration form (Schedule B) - also available online
  • Draft minutes from the 2010 annual general meeting (Schedule C)
  • Board election candidate profiles (Schedule D), including Donna Jodhan (President); Rajesh Malik (2nd Vice-President); Bob Brown (2nd Vice-President); Charles Bailey (Treasurer); and Cindy Ferguson (Secretary).
  • Proxy form (Schedule E)

An update to this call, including additional candidate biographies and resolutions, will be distributed in early May.

Download the conference call (first release) in Microsoft Word format

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