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Website Accessibility Program

Our organization, the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) is presently involved in the launching of a program to foster greater collaboration and cooperation between organizations and companies with regard to website accessibility.  We are living in an information society and a knowledge based economy and it is vitally important that we all have the opportunity to be able to access information independently, accurately, and on a timely basis.

Our main objective is to work with companies such as yours to develop strategies, policies, and methodologies that would enable print disabled Canadians, especially blind and partially sighted Canadians, to be able to access information on the Internet.  We believe that if we can work together to accomplish this, it would greatly help to achieve some very important milestones. 

Working together would mean the creation of a win-win situation; whereby your company would be able to greatly increase your access to a whole new and untapped corner of the market.  We would like to ensure that consumers who have difficulty accessing information about your products and services are able to do so without undue hassle.

Our program will focus specifically on the following:

  1. Ensuring that forms on your website are fully accessible to the print disabled.  That is, that a person will be able to complete forms quickly and without sighted assistance. 
  2. That people will be able to access documents in readable formats.  That is, Word, RTF, HTML, and accessible PDF.
  3.  To ensure that web content is readable and navigable.  That is, to have text that is readable, alt text descriptions for images, icons, and graphics, and descriptions of abbreviations. 
  4. To have descriptive videos and close captioning. 
  5. To work to develop a standard for all of the above. 

We consider this to be a unique initiative and we hope that you would be willing to participate in it.  The AEBC is also presently involved in several other new, unique, and exciting initiatives.  You can learn more about our personal development program, link exchange - website to website program, and other initiatives by visiting us at

If interested, please contact me at 

Yours sincerely,

Donna J. Jodhan

National President Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians

The AEBC looks forward to working with you.

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