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Announcement of Vacancy Position on Accessibility Standards Advisory Council

Please find below an annoucment from Ellen Waxman, regaridng a vacancy position on the Accessibility Standards Advisory Council posted on the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS).

October 31, 2012

As I mentioned during the meeting, we are making changes to the Accessibility Standards Advisory Council (ASAC) and Standards Development Committees (SDCs) under Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

In response to recommendations made by Mr. Charles Beer in the first independent review of the AODA, the government is streamlining and strengthening the standards development process. To do this, the role of the ASAC will be expanded to include the work of an SDC. This one body will be responsible for advising the Minister on issues related to accessibility and for developing proposed accessibility standards and as well as reviewing existing ones.

ASAC will be made up of a Chair, seven members from the disability community and six members from obligated sectors. This will allow ASAC to provide the government with diverse and meaningful advice on how accessibility impacts the lives of all Ontarians, our businesses and economic prosperity.

Under the AODA, a mandated review of each accessibility standard is required within five years of enactment. The Customer Service Standard was enacted in 2008 and will be the first accessibility standard required to be reviewed by 2013 by an SDC.

A vacancy advertisement for ASAC has been posted on the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS). The Ontario Government is looking for private sector representatives and disability representatives who want to play a leadership role in improving accessibility for people with disabilities and help organizations meet the requirements of the AODA and accessibility standards. I encourage you to apply or send this to others who may be interested. Interested applicants should apply for membership on the ASAC through the Public Appointments Secretariat website no later than November 27, 2012.

Improving our standards development and review process will help us get better value for money and improve our efficiency, transparency, accountability and civic engagement.

For more information about the AODA visit or to apply to the Council, visit the Public Appointments Secretariat website.

If you require further assistance, please contact or call the ServiceOntario Contact Centre at 1-866-515-2025 (TTY Toll-Free: 1-800-268-7095)


Original Signed By

Ellen Waxman

Assistant Deputy Minister