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Cineplex Entertainment expands descriptive service locations

We received the following announcement from ASIC (Access for Sight Impaired Customers) and are sharing it for your information.

Good morning to all:

We recently updated all Cineplex Entertainment theatre locations that are now offering the updated digital descriptive service, known as Fidelio. Our web page includes direct links to each theatre location which provides the current listings of described movies at that theatre. Please visit:

Not all films offered in Quebec are available with captioning as Cineplex Entertainment is only able to get French language captioning from four of the major studios. If they are able to get captioning in French, it will be available in French or English, depending on what language the film is played in.

Cineplex Entertainment anticipates being able to offer described video in select Quebec theatres in early 2014. However, that is dependent on being able to get described video in French. At present, only one studio has committed to releasing some of its films with French described video. Until they are able to offer described video in French, they are unable to offer the service in English in Quebec.

Rob Sleath
Chair, ASIC