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Congratulations to the new 2015-16 board

Last weekend at our 2015 AEBC National Conference and Annual General Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a new AEBC national board of directors was elected. I am pleased to announce your new board of directors as follows:

  • Dar Wournell as President for two years
  • Sharlyn Ayotte as First Vice President for one year
  • Alan Conway as Second Vice President for two years
  • Robert Hebert as Treasurer for one year
  • Maryse Glaude-Beaulieu as Secretary for two years
  • Stephen Ricci as Director for one year
  • Leo Bissonnette as Director for two years

A full report on the AGM will be released in June’s “President’s Report”.

Warm regards,
National President
Alliance For Equality Of Blind Canadians
Toll-Free: 1-800-561-4774

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