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Here, you will find items of interest that have come to the attention of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, and which we believe would be interesting or beneficial for blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians to know about.

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In-flight entertainment more accessible on Air Canada

Marcia Yale and John Rae, both members of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians are pleased to report the outcome of their human rights complaint which has resulted in improved access to Air Canada's onboard entertainment system. For English, go to: For French, go to:


Dr. Mahadeo Sukhai just completed a multi-year study of graduate students with disabilities across the country, to identify and explicitly define the needs of graduate students with disabilities, and the supports that are necessary in order to succeed in graduate programs. Before the existence of this document, students have had to work things out almost from scratch with the Accessibility departments on their campuses. This report promises to make the lives of graduate students with disabilities much more straightforward. To obtain the report, go to

Call for Proposals: Cripping the Arts in Canada - Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

Until very recently, disability, crip, D/deaf, and Mad arts (d/c/D/M arts) have been included in the art world in such a way that normalizes us as outsides rather than meaningfully propels our art sector. Categorizations of our art as ‘outsider art’ or ‘art brut’ have delegitimized our artistic voices and depoliticized our art (Gorman, 2007); inaccessible environments, equipment, technology, and programming have excluded us from artistic development and cultural participation; systemic ableism and institutionalized poverty have prevented us from accessing the funding needed to sustain our artistic practice. In the midst of such an inhospitable environment, we have maintained our art histories, practices, and communities.

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