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Peoples' Blueprint Conference - Breaking Out: Real Voices, Real Change - April 4 (Toronto)

The Peoples Blueprint Conferencewill bring together People’s Blueprint panel members and others with lived experience of the social assistance system, government policy makers, thought leaders and community agencies in respectful dialogue, discussion, and exchange of ideas.

Conference delegates will get the first opportunity to view nine short videos that are the result of the Peoples’ Blueprint research. The videos are divided into the following themes:


·        Hopes

·        Stigma

·        Employment, Education and Training

·        Food and Health

·        Social Participation

·        Housing

·        Caseworkers

·        Changes

·        What Works


Through a series of plenary discussions and roundtables, delegates will learn more about the innovative Peoples’ Blueprint process, the effect it has had on panel members, the everyday experience of people accessing the system and discuss key issues in social assistance reform as identified by people experiencing the system.

This one-day conference is a must for anyone working in poverty reduction, social assistance reform, community services and research.

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Archival Date: 
Tuesday, April 5, 2011