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WBU seeks 'success stories' and information about employment resources

Dear WBU Members:

As you know, one of the strategic objectives included in our current WBU Strategic Plan is to improve the employment situation of blind and partially sighted persons around the world.  This initiative is being led by WBU President, Maryanne Diamond , and the working group includes a number of leaders from around the world.  As you will recall from updates provided in the WBU E-bulletin, the working group has decided to work on four strategies to help advance its work.  You can find more information about those strategies in the updated workplan status report contained on the WBU website.

But we need your help to help progress our strategies.  We need to hear the stories of blind and partially sighted persons who are successfully employed so that we can use these as examples. We also need to know about programs that you have developed to improve employment opportunities for blind and partially sighted persons.  We will use these examples to demonstrate what is working and to share with other members around the world.

We have developed two sets of guidelines which further explain what we are looking for.  One is for the stories about successfully employed blind and partially sighted blind persons. The other document is related to examples of employment programs.  We want examples of stories and models from both developing and developed countries. And we want to hear the stories of those who are self-employed as well as those who work for a company or organization.  Blind and partially sighted persons work in many different areas and we want to be able to demonstrate this wide variety of successful employment in which blind and partially sighted persons are engaged.

We thank you very much for your assistance with this.  We need and value your input to make these tools and resources as helpful as they can be.

With warm regards

Penny Hartin

Archival Date: 
Friday, April 15, 2011
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