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From ASIC: BC Ferries and the CNIB National ID Card

Last week, we received several inquiries from people who had received a third party posting which stated the author had been advised by BC Ferries staff that the CNIB National ID card was not a valid form of ID to qualify for and receive the concession fare for persons with disabilities. The posting went on to say that BC Ferries has its own Disabled Status Identification card that should be applied for separately and eligible folks were being encouraged to apply for this card.

We have received written correspondence from BC Ferries Management that confirms that the CNIB National ID card is recognized as valid media to qualify for the concession fare. We have asked BC Ferries to circulate a bulletin to all their cashiers to reaffirm this issue and to further post this onto their web site. We are awaiting confirmation of these recommendations. In the interim, we have been instructed to advise all CNIB National ID card holders to ask for the Shift Supervisor or the Terminal Manager should you encounter a situation where the cashier does not recognize your card as valid media for the concession fare.

Rob Sleath
Chair, ASIC

Archival Date: 
Wednesday, June 1, 2011