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Input sought on accessibility of Bell's mobile services

Bell has struck a committee to make recommendations that will ultimately go to CRTC on how its mobile products and services can be made more accessible.  The committee will include representation from across the disabled community, and the CRTC has asked for the recommendations to be submitted by October 3.  The first meeting is to be held on June 14.

Marc Workman will be representing AEBC on this committee, and is seeking suggestions on ways mobile services/products can be made more accessible.  If you can identify problems, but have no solutions, that's fine too.  The committee can work to determine solutions.

Three issues have already been identified, and further comments and suggestions are encouraged:

  1. Covering the cost of software needed to make phones accessible.  Some phones are more or less accessible out of the box; others require the installation of often expensive software.  We will be encouraging Bell to adopt a policy whereby Bell covers the cost of this software rather than having the consumer pay for accessibility.
  2. Website accessibility.  Bell has to ensure that blind and partially sighted computer users can access its website and receive the same amount of information and perform the same sorts of actions as sighted people.  If you have comments on Bell's site, we would appreciate hearing what you have to say.
  3. Alternative formats.  Our understanding is that Bell and other telecommunications companies will provide alternative format bills, but that not everything is always converted (e.g., contracts and promotional materials).  We will be pushing to have Bell send out all materials in whatever format a person requests.  If a sighted person can receive a print copy of her contract as well as print copies of the latest deals and promotions, a blind person has a right to the same information in the format of her choice.

Please contact Mark Workman with any comments or suggestions you have by Friday, June 10, so there will be time over the weekend to consider and organize the information.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011