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Seeking Contributors to the Blind Canadians Blog

Dear AEBC Members,

The AEBC is looking to create an informative, engaging, and entertaining blog, but we need your help.  We're looking for anyone who is interested in contributing regular blogposts on a variety of topics to the Blind Canadians Blog.  Experience with blogging is not required.  All that is required is a desire  to write and share ideas with others.

The goal of the Blind Canadians Blog, which will be unique in Canada, is to offer a one-stop location for the latest news and developments of interest to  blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians.

Briefly, for those who don't know, a blog is a form of writing that involves regular posts to a website.  They come in many different flavours, but in  general, blog posts are fairly short, 300 to 700 words, they are often written in  an accessible or casual, as opposed to journalistic or academic, style, and  they often deal with issues that are current.

There are a few advantages to the blog format that are worth noting: 1, They can be conversational.  It is easy to comment on blog posts or on the comments of others and to ask questions of the author.  2, They are easy to share using email, Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media.  This means they can quickly reach a wide audience.  3, They are easy to categorize and search.  For instance, if you're looking for posts dealing with technology, you can choose a link that will bring up only those posts that have been tagged with the technology label.  Finally, 4, Blog posts can easily include links to other websites.  For example, if there is a post written on some interesting or important aspect of a CBC radio program, it is easy to link directly to the CBC site where the relevant program can be downloaded.

We would like to organize a team of people who are interested in contributing to the Blind Canadians Blog.  The plan is to recruit a team of ten or so regular contributors, each of whom would be responsible for blogging on one or two of the example topics below.  Those who are interested in contributing on a non-regular basis are also welcome to get involved.

Example topics:

  • AEBC news,
  • law and policy,
  • advocacy,
  • technology, assistive and mainstream,
  • website accessibility,
  • employment,
  • guide dogs,
  • book reviews,
  • sports,
  • education,
  • mobility and travel,,
  • arts and culture.

Because this is an AEBC blog, these topics would of course be approached from a human rights, disability, or blindness perspective.  Other topics are certainly welcome as well.

If you are at all interested in getting involved as either a regular or occasional contributor, or if you have any questions, please send me an email

Our hope is to have a team in place to begin regularly blogging early in 2012.  With that goal in mind, I'm planning to organize a teleconference with those who are interested and available some time before the new year.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Marc Workman
National Director
Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians

Archival Date: 
Thursday, December 15, 2011