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Hospice Toronto seeks input from people with disabilities and those who care about them by Feb. 29, 2012

The Canadian Abilities Foundation (CAF) is supporting Hospice Toronto in an initiative known as the Transitions Project. The objective is to help gain a greater understanding of the needs of people with disabilities as they approach end of life issues. In order to accomplish this, Hospice Toronto has decided to appeal directly to people with disabilities, caregivers and/or family members to survey them as to the specific issues and concerns they may have. Hospice Toronto wants to hear from as many people as possible. They are inviting people with disabilities and those who care for them from across Canada to participate in the survey. The ultimate intention is for this information to be used by a variety of organizations concerned with providing end of life services to help them gain greater awareness of the specific concerns that people with disabilities may harbor.

The survey can be found at It will only take a few minutes of your time to complete - but the value to Hospice Toronto will be immense - and very much appreciated. Participation is anonymous.

Please help spread the word! Share the URL for the survey to people in your networks via your website, blog, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter postings. It is important that a representative sample of opinion is gathered in order for people with disabilities to look forward to the same level of comfort and support as our mainstream population - this is an equity issue.   

Consider cutting and pasting the following for your postings:

Hospice Toronto, in support of equitable care of people with disabilities by all end of life services, is seeking input from people with disabilities and those who care about them. Visit the survey at - your point of view is needed and would be very much appreciated.

In addition to the online survey, CAF will be supporting Toronto Hospice in convening two in-person focus groups. These may be of interest to those living in the GTA. They will be held in February and a small honorarium ($25.00) will be offered to cover expenses. If this interests you or members of your network please email me directly at I will then contact you as to dates and times.

Again, heart-felt thanks - and please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Raymond Cohen
CEO and Founder
Canadian Abilities Foundation

Read more about the issue of hospice for people with disabilities in the the current Abilities Magazine. The article Equity in Hospice Care is available on our website

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012