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Proposed establishment of "wireless mobile" standards

The CRTC has announced a proceeding to establish mandatory standards for wireless mobile. 

Access 2020 has proposed filing a submission that outlines the needs of Canadians with disabilities. For example, the wireless industry should offer customized contracts for Canadians with disabilities.   These contracts could include the possibility of a reduction in data plan costs due to lack of accessibility in the content, the slowness of screen readers, the time it takes to type and/or the ability to pick only those services which can be used by the individual, etc. 

It is up to Canadians with disabilities to ensure the CRTC carves out an area within any standard for equivalent and fair access to wireless mobile.

To begin preparing a filing, we need your stories and concerns.  Please pass this on to anyone you know and ask them to send their thoughts to as soon as possible.  The deadline to file is 20 November 2012, so we will need to get started soon.

Archival Date: 
Saturday, November 10, 2012