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Call for Nominations: 2013 Dr. Dayton M. Forman Memorial Award (August 16, 2013)

This award recognizes outstanding leadership in the advancement of library and information services for Canadians with print disabilities. Established by the CNIB Library Board in 1996, it is offered in tribute to Dr. Dayton M. Forman, an exceptional humanitarian and longstanding CNIB volunteer who exemplified the leadership required to make a difference for over half a million visually impaired people across Canada.

The recipient is awarded a silver medal bearing the likeness of Dr. Forman and an inscription in print and braille. The award was last presented in October 2012 at the CNIB 2012 Braille Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

Application Guidelines

  • The award is open to both individuals and organizations.
  • Each individual or organization must be supported by at least two nominators, as specified on the official nomination form for the Dr. Dayton M. Forman Memorial Award.
  • Each nomination form must be accompanied by a comprehensive description (approximately 1000 words) of how the nominee's efforts in overcoming barriers to information equity have had a significant impact on blind and visually impaired Canadians. A nominee’s achievements should be broad in scope, of an enduring nature, and significant in terms of library and information services as a whole. The nominee must have demonstrated great leadership and innovation and be a potential model for others.
  • Additional testimonials from other individuals and/or organizations are encouraged and may be sent along with the nomination form.
  • Members of the Dr. Dayton M. Forman Memorial Award Selection Committee and CNIB staff are not eligible for the award.

For more information and to access the nomination form, visit the Dr. Dayton M. Forman Memorial Award link at:

Or contact the CNIB Library by telephone 416-486-2500, ext. 7520 or by e-mail:

Submissions by e-mail are encouraged.

This year’s award presentation will take place at a reception held in conjunction with the CNIB 2013 Braille Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
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