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Canadian Urban Library Council seeking participants for consumer advisory group

The following request was received via Marc Workman at CNIB:

The Canadian Urban Library Council (CULC) is seeking the names and contact information for individuals who would be interested in participating on a consumer advisory group to assist with the planning and development of the new organization, sometimes called the hub, that will facilitate library access for Canadians with print disabilities.

If you or someone in your organization is interested in participating on this group, please send Marc Workman ( your name and some contact info (email and/or phone number) for the interested person(s) by November 15. All of the names I receive will be passed on to CULC by the end of the day on November 15.

Details concerning the advisory group will be provided by CULC in the coming weeks.

Marc Workman
National Manager, Advocacy, CNIB
12010 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton, AB
T5K 0P3
T: (780) 453-8327

Archival Date: 
Friday, November 15, 2013