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Council of Canadians with Disabilities - Nominations open for two 'Member at Large' positions on council

2014 is an election year for the CCD National Council of Representatives. At the 2013 AGM, Council tasked us with the coordination of the nominations and elections for the Member-at-Large positions on Council and the CCD Executive Committee. With this memo, we are beginning the work of filling the 2 Member-at-Large positions for a two year term.

The position of Member-at-Large on Council is unique in the CCD structure. All other Council members are appointed by the member organizations of CCD. These two positions provide a strategic opportunity for CCD to recruit people with particular skills and experience to the Council.

CCD is at a critical point in its history, so the upcoming elections take on an added importance. CCD needs to elect people with the skills needed to assist CCD meet the challenges it faces. This is not a time of "business as usual" for CCD. As you are all aware, the Federal Government has altered how it funds 18 national disability organizations, including CCD. Funding to these organizations was reduced last year by 35%, then by 65% this year, and next year (April 2015) we will not have any committed funding, but will compete with others for project funding. So this is a very challenging time for CCD, and for all National Disability Organizations in Canada. In a recent meeting the Nominations Committee did some brainstorming about useful skill sets that would be valuable to CCD during this period of transition, here is the list we came up with:

  • Political savvy,
  • Articulate spokesperson,
  • Experience with social enterprises,
  • Experience in developing partnerships and bringing groups together, and
  • Managing change.

The CCD Bylaws authorize the election of 2 Members-at-Large on the Council. Any person with a disability is eligible to run for one of the Member-at-Large positions on Council. Nominations can be made by Council members, Member Groups or interested individuals, themselves.

If you know people with disabilities who you believe could assist CCD meet the challenges of the new funding framework, please consider nominating them as a candidate to run in the Member-at-Large election. When making a nomination, please include correspondence from the nominee expressing his/her willingness to let his/her name stand for election and a biography of the candidate that is no longer than one page in length.

All nominations must be received by CCD by 31 March 2014.

Contact: Steve Estey ( and Jean Beckett (, CCD Nominating Committee

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Monday, March 31, 2014
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