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Talent show at the conference in Ottawa -- join in by April 18th!

Your AGM committee is delighted to announce an evening of entertainment on Friday, April 25th in Ottawa -- the first night of the 2014 conference! A coming together in a unique way for chapters and members to get to know each other!

This event is being sponsored by Richard Papadina of RBC and we want our chapters and members to show off their talent! How does this work? Please read on!

Chapters or individual members will be invited to either submit an MP3 file (recording) or perform live on the evening of April 25th right after the President's Report and awards have been presented. Chapters or members can submit or perform more than one item and in order for this event to take place we need a minimum of six entries.

So, you can perform as an individual member, as a group of members, or you can represent your chapter.

The first 10 entries will be accepted.

Judges will be chosen at random from among those who have registered for the conference and who are in the audience on the evening of April 25. A maximum of three judges will make up the judging panel, including two drawn from our pool of registrants along with Paul Edwards, Past President of ACB. Of course, you may choose to decline if your name is drawn but we know that you would be just dying to get involved!

Entry Criteria

  • Chapters and members will be judged on the number of participants involved in their entry. This is meant to help foster team building and togetherness among chapter members.

  • Participants will be judged on creativity and originality and your entry must also contain some reference to an AEBC related issue or public awareness.

  • Entries must not exceed three minutes.

  • The deadline for submission of MP3 files is April 18, 2014 and if you plan to perform live then you also need to let us know no later than April 18, 2014.

What are the prizes?

Two $100 prizes will be awarded on the evening of April 25 courtesy of the kind auspices of Richard Papadina of RBC.

This is your chance to show off your talents and courage! Come now! We know that this esteemed organization is made up of very talented and creative members!

No need to be shy among friends and admirers!

Please send your MP3 file or intention to participate no later than April 18 to Donna Jodhan (

Only the first 10 entries will be accepted and we need six entries to make this event a reality!

Please do not disappoint us!

Thank you! The AGM committee

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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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