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CRTC Let's Talk TV -- Seeking your input

The following information is passed along as a result of inquiries presented on behalf of the blind community by Descriptive Video Works. For those who were unable to complete the "Let's talk TV Choicebook" due to accessibility challenges with the CRTC's web site or due to lack of time, you may find the following of interest. We extend our thanks and appreciation to Allie Hayhurst for championing our cause regarding the accessibility issue.

Response from Paulette Leclair of the CRTC

I wish to thank you for informing us that some Canadians in the blind and low vision community using screen readers experienced difficulty accessing the Let’s Talk TV Choicebook.

As you are already aware, the deadline for submission has passed and the online version of the Choicebook is no longer available. However, we would like to offer the following solution to those Canadians who experienced difficulties by contacting the CRTC toll free number at 1-877-249-2782.

A CRTC representative will read the questions and choices in the questionnaire to the participant and complete it as instructed by the caller.

Please rest assured that CRTC representatives will inform participants that their privacy will be protected and their responses will not be linked to them personally.

The participants will then receive a copy of their completed Choicebook by mail.

Consequently, the deadline to respond has been extended to Friday, March 21, as requested by ASIC.

On behalf of the CRTC, I truly regret that this has occurred and offer our sincerest apologies to those affected.

Paulette Leclair
Directrice, Affaires publiques | Director, Public Affairs Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes | Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Ottawa, Canada K1A 0N2
Téléphone | Telephone 1-819-997-9371

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Friday, March 21, 2014
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