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Request for comments: Position Statements on Pedestrian Signals, Public Transit, and Taxi Accessibility

This notice has been posted on behalf of Sharlyn Ayotte, who represents AEBC in the CAG community.

I am seeking input on draft position papers relating to accessible pedestrian signals, conventional public transit, and taxi accessibility. A number of federal, provincial and territorial blindness organisations have been examining issues of common and shared interests and developing positions on matters affecting our community, and where possible, supporting those that fall in our organisational mandates.

Over the last year, we have been working on several position statements which once passed will provide consumer organisations with greater influence in our advocacy efforts. It is not a perfect system, but it does give us support and influence in our efforts, while maintaining and building our brands.

Below are three positions as proposed by representatives on the CAG coalition. Please review and provide feedback on the documents. I am not an expert on all of these issues, so if you see anomalies and have recommendations as to how to address them, we need to know as soon as possible so they can be modified.

Not all of the positions will be supported as they stand, but we are hopeful that following consultation, the positions can be adopted and passed and posted to our web site. All positions can be branded as AEBC for our website and the signatories to the position listed at the bottom of each.

The end of May is the targeted period for consultation.

I am also looking for assistance on this important project, and welcome your participation. I am looking for people who would work with me and lead in gathering feedback as presented on the list and through at least 1 conference call in the consultation for each of the positions presented. If you are interested in leaning in on this initiative, please contact me by e-mail (, provide me with your telephone number, and I will get back to you to talk.

Thanks in advance for your review and comments.

Best Regards, Sharlyn

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Saturday, May 31, 2014