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Did you learn braille as an adult? We have some informal research questions for you! Reply by Sep. 30, 2014

The following announcement is being posted on behalf of Betty Nobel:

Questions for braille readers who have learned braille as adults!

At the Braille Conference in Toronto at the end of October, Myra Rodrigues and I will be giving a workshop on what motivates braille readers. I would like to have some insight from people who have learned braille as adults. This is informal research and participation is completely voluntary.

Please return this information to me either in a Word document or as part of an email message to by September 30, 2014. Please answer the question in the blank line below the question.

1 When approximately did you learn to read braille.

2 Why did you decide to learn braille?

3 Do you use braille daily, weekly, monthly or not at all?

4 Did you have a mentor who encouraged you while you were learning braille? Please explain.

5 Do you remember what text book you used?

6 Were you given additional practice exercises or quizzes?

7 Do you read braille magazines or books?

8 Do you use braille for labelling?

9 Do you use braille for writing down contact information such as phone numbers?

10 Do you read print/braille books to children?

11 Do you use braille technology such as a braille notetaker or refreshable braille display?

12 What motivated you to keep using braille after your lessons were done?

13 Did someone teach you braille or did you take the Hadley course and work on your own?

14 If you do not use braille technology, do you write braille with a slate and stylus or a perkins brailler?

15 Please share any other comments about your use of braille and the importance of braille in your life.

Thank you for participating in this informal survey.

Best regards,
Betty Nobel

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014