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Membership Drive -- Engage five people before March 10, 2015 for a chance to win an Apple iPod 5!

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

This is a call to action...

It is that time of year again, and we are committed to the concept of doubling down on our goals, size and focus to grow our organization where we are twice as likely to influence outcomes and effectiveness.

To that end, we are offering a prize of an Apple iPod 5 to the person who can pull in the most new and renewed members over the next 26 days.

From February 15 until March 10, we are encouraging your participation in a drive to bring in new members to AEBC. This includes new and renewed memberships which are confirmed as the result of a members action to talk to and engage others to join and participate in AEBC because we need your diverse talents and skills to really succeed.

For the person who brings in the most new or renewed members, an iPod Touch 5 will be your reward!

We all know people who believe in what we are doing individually and collectively as AEBC, but we cannot do it alone. We need people who are advocates for equality, self-determination, independence and change that makes a real difference.

We all know someone, who knows someone who would benefit from participation in the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians. The things we have learned through contact with other blind, and partially sighted people through membership in AEBC can not be over stated. Many of us found our voice and passion in this work because of our association with members such as you! For over two decades of working with members, we have forged friendships which we will cherish for a lifetime, and we will be part of the change which has resulted in greater independence and choice in consumer products, programs and services which respect and reflect our individual and collective rights.

Accessible information, communication and technology is making it possible for many more people to participate in the mainstream. The success of the AEBC has been made possible because of the selfless determination of leaders such as Rick Oakes, Richard Marion, Anthony Tibbs, John Rae, Robin East, Donna Jodhan, Denise Sanders, Gord Dingle, and so many others who believe in the AEBC mission. This has been made possible through the dogged determination and efforts of so many of you who give freely of your time to make good things happen. Together we have created an organization that continues to evolve and we can all be proud of.

Importantly, we continue to learn from each other and how peer support provides us with different ways and tools for performing tasks, identifying workarounds, developing the strategies and tactics for pushing change, and so much more that we ever thought possible.

I stopped apologizing for my disability early after diagnosis and learned from all of you how, when I took positions based on my assumption of citizen rights, I grew.

You might ask why someone would want to be a member of AEBC?

As a community based, volunteer and membership peer support organization of blind, deaf-blind, and partially sighted Canadians, our friends, family, and colleagues, we:

  • Challenge the status quo with passion and energy;
  • Drive the change and choice we need in a connected and mainstream world;
  • Work with governments, corporations and other service providers in a respectful way;
  • Support each other as we determine the best ways to get things done;
  • Organize an annual Conference and AGM to bring all of us together;
  • Maintain and enhance our web site so others can find us and know what we are working on;
  • Focus on communications to share success, and call for actions when needed;
  • Enhance our profile by building cohesive and collaborative relationships with other groups;
  • Build our reputation as an action-oriented consumer group of blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians;
  • Work with other people and organizations from a basis of trust and respect;
  • Engage and connect with other blind people wherever possible;
  • Develop leadership and other training skills where needed and wanted;
  • Support parents by teaching blind children braille skills, because we know how important it is to future professional development

and so much more...

The Halifax Conference and AGM is going to be a truly great time, and we are excited about the work we are doing this year, including:

  • The strategic planning process which will modernize our organization;
  • New communications initiatives;
  • CRTC and BAF developments;
  • Collaborating with other blindness groups engaging for change; and
  • Planning the AGM and Conference in Halifax.

And most of our volunteers do all of this while holding down jobs, raising families and helping with homework, living a full and active life with family and friends. We think that is something to celebrate.

The Rules of Engagement: Each person becomes a valid registrant once they have sponsored/engaged/registered a minimum of five new or renewed members. Once you have achieved that many people then the contest is on! Good Luck! Email Sharlyn and Jen (, with the names of the people that you have personally signed up or renewed to enter the contest!

Best Regards,

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015