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Flying in the dark: A blind woman's story - Montreal - February 27, 2016 - Get your tickets!

Photo of Kim Kilpatrick
Saturday, February 27th, 2016
2:00pm (doors open at 1:30pm)
1455 de Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC, H3G 1M8, 7th Floor, Room H-767 (map)

Tickets are $20.

A character in one of the wonderful books my parents read to me said she was afraid of the dark. Afraid of the dark? I couldn't understand it. Why would anyone be afraid of the dark?

Thus begins Kim's one-woman show, Flying in the Dark. A show about a child, blind since birth, figuring out that she isn't like everyone else. And that she is. The tale is filled with colourful characters: parents, siblings, friends, teasing kids; filled with senses: hearing, touch, smell and texture; and filled most of all with humour and insight. How does Kim learn to read? Walk to the store? Ride a bike? Meet Kim, hear her Paralympic stories and you’ll realize that Kim is, in most respects, just like everyone else.

With humour, wit, a deeply felt sense of the ridiculous and considerable courage, Kim guides her listeners through the particular experiences of a fiercely independent blind child regarding the triumph and tribulations that are, in fact, a part of everyone’s growing up. She shares her boundless enthusiasm for acquiring the skills she needs to be self-sufficient, chronicling the process of becoming an adult with new potentials opening and new complexities revealed. There are so many things she has done: earned a degree, won medals at the Paralympics, been a music therapist, a disability advocate, and a storyteller.

So, is there darkness? Yes, but it comes mainly from others: those who patronize her, who will not accept her competence. In response, Kim has created Flying in the Dark as a deep, funny, but gentle adventure. Through her show, she brings her audiences an evening of insight and entertainment, imparting listeners with memories that she hopes will stay with them as they go forward in their own life.

For assistance or more information, contact Anthony Tibbs.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Montreal Chapter of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016
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