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Ottawa-Gatineau Chapter to meet December 7th, 2015

The Ottawa and Gatineau chapter of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians would like to have you attend our next special meeting on December 7 at 7:00 PM at Jack Purcell Community Centre, room 201.

Address: 320 Jack Purcell Lane Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2J5. Tel: 613-564-1050.

The chapter considers this meeting to be an exchange of information regarding Mobility and transportation in our city. We hope you will become a member of the revived chapter so that we can make big improvements to access within our city. Please go to this link to become a member of AEBC:

Philippe Landry of public works is arranging to attend with staff from OC Transpo and the Light Rapid Transit office.

This chapter considers this meeting to be an opportunity to exchange information both for the community to give staff info and for staff to inform our community.

Expect to talk about:

  • Exchange of the ways people can contact the city in areas of transportation which includes Para Transpo, OC Transpo, and issues of accessible pedestrian signals, tone locators or other means to locate the correct position of buttons. or other issues with street mobility.
  • External bus announcements: where this is in the plan?
  • Some concerns are roundabouts and how our city decides where they will be installed and the process.
  • Visual indicators for edge of curb where bus stops are located at transit-ways or elsewhere where the stop is near a busy street, so that partially sighted people know where that bus stop is and to provide visual cue to the location of the edge of a curb.
  • The degree to which a bus driver can control the automated bus stop volume inside the bus.
  • Light rapid transit dealing with disruption of mobility with ongoing construction info how our community is going to receive this info.
  • The hailing pass: do you use it how does it work most of the time for drivers pulling up to where you are standing?

Contact Penny Leclair to inform that you will attend at by Monday, December 5th.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015
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