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University of Montreal's "Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation" Program (in English) now accepting applications

We are pleased to announce a new option in the Master of Science program. This option, offered in English by the School of Optometry at the University of Montreal, is called Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation.

This program produces professionals who provide rehabilitation services to people of all ages who are blind or who have low vision. There are three concentrations (or tracks) in the program, enabling one to specialize in Low Vision, Orientation & Mobility, or Vision Rehabilitation Therapy.

The first English cohort will begin the program in September, 2016. Given the very recent approval of the program, we will work with potential candidates to accelerate the admission process.

The School of Optometry has strong research and teaching links to the School of Audiology and Speech and Language Pathology, with some professors teaching in both departments. The curriculum contains a multi-disciplinary seminar which deals with comorbidities, including deafblindness. In addition, there are collaborative links for research in deafblindness across all age-groups, as well as affiliations with the three sensory rehabilitation centres in Montreal that operate the two deafblindness rehabilitation programs. The School of Optometry also offers doctoral studies (PhD-level) within the Vision Rehabilitation option, that can easily accommodate projects in deafblindness.

Anyone who is interested in applying should contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Olga Overbury, as soon as possible:

Olga Overbury, Ph.D.
School of Optometry
University of Montreal
P.O. Box 6128,
Station Centre-ville
Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7
Tel: (514) 343-2384

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Thursday, June 30, 2016
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