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Giving Tuesday 2021

Despite all our efforts the pandemic still lingers
Despite donning our masks and washing our fingers
Despite health mandates and vaccination shots
Despite cautious opening of our favourite spots
The case numbers are still too high
For us to bid COVID-19 goodbye
While we wait patiently for the day to come
When we can gather in person and have some fun
The AEBC carries on its quest
And with your help will do its best
To secure a future that shines so Bright
And help blind Canadians protect their rights.

The virus will eventually be a thing of the past. Let’s ensure that the AEBC is not.

Triple Vision: Colonialism: Challenging the Rules at the Ontario School for the Blind

Join us on this week’s Triple Vision podcast, where Doreen Demas talks with us about the impacts of colonialism on her life as a First Nations woman from Manitoba living with vision loss. Doreen traces her life, from attending the residential school for the blind in Brantford, Ontario, to a regular school, to an Indigenous residential school in Brandon. She speaks openly about the duality of service provision she experienced from the CNIB as a First Nations person. Listen as she talks about her work at the United Nations and her optimistic hope for the future.

“My family always allowed me and my siblings free to go about our community. We were able to go and visit friends, we were able to play in the back of our house. We had trees and could climb them. We could pick berries.

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