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Triple Vision: “Who’s Driving?” Reclaiming the narrative of blindness in Canada

In this sixth episode of Triple Vision, we do something different. We invite six members of the community to talk about how they see the current blindness narrative in Canada. What is wrong with the current narrative, and what should it be? Who is controlling the current Canadian blindness story?

“The sad part is, we all look at the news as a news and information source, and it isn’t. It’s a drama. It’s a dramatic work and belongs in the arts. A lot of people go there for their information. Unfortunately if it bleeds, it leads. And when it comes to blindness, we don’t bleed so much, but my goodness the narrative is pity filled.”

Join us for this fascinating journey, exploring the dangers of the single narrative of the blindness story in Canada.

Listen to the episode.

Archival Date: 
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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