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Blind dog's friend gives her new leash on life

Date added: Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blind Great Dane Lily and her guide dog Madison are melting hearts around the world with their enduring tale of friendship that has seen its share of hardship.

Lily was only 18 months old when veterinarians removed both her eyes as she was suffering from entropion, a condition that caused her eyelashes to roll inward and scratch painfully against her eyeballs. As Lily recuperated in darkness - too timid to move - her best friend Madison slowly began encouraging her sightless friend to start moving. Madison would lead the way - a guide dog for a dog, steering her pal, alerting her to danger in her path. In time, with Madison at her side, Lily regained the confidence to play outside the house. Now the pair - Lily is 6 years old, Madison is 7 - are facing their next challenge: finding a new home.

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