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T-Base and AEBC Make One Blind Student’s School Year a Little Easier this Fall

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

T-Base and AEBC Make One Blind Student’s School Year a Little Easier this Fall.

OTTAWA, August 21, 2012. T-Base Communications is pleased to announce Lisa Kovac as the successful recipient of the $2,000 T-Base Communications Scholarship for the 2012/2013 academic year. The T-Base Scholarship Program helps fund the educational pursuits of outstanding blind, deafblind, or partially sighted students in Canada who are continuing their academic education at the post-secondary level.

Earlier in the year, T-Base partnered with The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC), whose mission is to increase the awareness of rights and responsibilities of the blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted community, so those individuals can have equal access to the benefits and opportunities of society, and to radiate the message throughout its membership and into the blind community at large.

“We were fortunate to have received a very impressive roster of submissions, making the final selection a most difficult task,” said Rajesh Malik, Second Vice President of AEBC, who was a member of the selection committee along with Sara Bennett and Valentina Gal.

Along with the applications, letters of reference, and a copy of their school transcripts, candidates were asked to demonstrate their academic endeavours, judgement and leadership skills through two one-page essays on accessible education and their personal achievements. “It was AEBC that had the most difficult task, vetting the many applications, submitting just three very impressive candidates for T-Base Communications to consider,” said Jeff Potts, President and CEO of T-Base Communications.

In developing the scholarship, T-Base provides support and encouragement to blind and low vision students to continue striving towards excellence, and with AEBC, seeks to provide focus on matters of information accessibility in education. As a recipient of the scholarship, Lisa will serve on the T-Base Consumer Advisory Committee, providing the community a stronger voice in accessible education. She will share her experiences about life as a blind student – information that is vital to T-Base in the continued development of leading accessible education products and services for K-12 and post-secondary institutions across North America.

“We were impressed with Lisa’s ambition, drive, and her passionate articulation of the issues facing low vision students in today’s educational setting. We look forward to her contributions and insight as a member of the advisory committee,” adds Jeff Potts.

Award recipient, Lisa Kovac, will be building upon her existing Honours B.A., using the scholarship to assist her in her educational endeavours to complete a Diploma in Writing at The University of Western Ontario. “I'm very excited to receive the scholarship, and grateful for the opportunity to speak out about the importance of accessible education,” said Miss Kovac.


About T-Base Communications

T-Base Communications is the North American leader in design, production and delivery of information in formats fully accessible to your blind, deaf-blind, partially sighted and print disabled customers, citizens and students. T-Base Communications publishes the highest degree of usability, readability, and quality output of accessible educational materials including accessible textbooks, course materials, secure tests and exams, and online learning on behalf of North America’s K -12 and post-secondary learning environments.

About The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians

The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians is a national charitable organization, founded in 1992, that is dedicated to promoting the increased inclusion of blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted Canadians in all aspects of social life, from employment to participation in elections. Our members, comprised of blind, deaf-blind, and partially sighted consumers and supporters from across the country, participate in working groups and committees, engage with local, city-based chapters, and engage in public awareness and education activities on a daily basis.

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