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Participate and get involved

The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians accomplishes all that it does through the hard work and dedication of its members and supporters. Everyone can help in the effort to ensure that blind, deafblind and partially sighted Canadians have the opportunity to enjoy everything that society has to offer, whether that is by participating in a local chapter, working on a national committee, or just being aware of the resources that are available, in the event that someone you know is losing their vision.

Joining AEBC

The first step to becoming involved is to become a member!  Membership is only $10.00 per year (or, for a lifetime membership, you can make a one-time payment of $100.00), and entitles you to access to a number of benefits (including membership in local chapters).  Join AEBC today!

And then...

Join Your Local Chapter!

AEBC has chapters in major cities across the country (The BC Affiliate, Toronto, Ottawa-Gatineau, and Halifax), that meet during the year to exchange information, plan events, work on issues, and have social get-togethers.  Joining a chapter is the best way to meet new people and learn more about AEBC. Find and join your local chapter today!

Award Winners

We believe in recognizing the accomplishments of blind, deafblind and partially sighted Canadians, both for their work within AEBC and more generally.  Check out our past award winners to learn more about the people who have made AEBC what it is today!

Read Our Blog

There are sometimes issues that arise (in the media and elsewhere) that we do not have a formal brief, publication, or position statement to address.  Our blog is where we have the opportunity to share some thoughts on these issues, and gather feedback from members (and the general public) about them.

Participate on a National Committee

National committees or working groups are formed to address particular issues facing the blind, deafblind and partially sighted in Canada.  If you have a strong interest in one of the issues that the AEBC is currently working on, joining and working with the national committee for that issue might just be for you.  Why work in isolation, when you can learn all about what has (and hasn't) worked elsewhere, what has already been tried, and what we're doing on a national level about the problem?  Check out our national committees!

Join Our Online Discussion

All active members of the AEBC have access to several online mailing lists to allow for informal, member-to-member discussions.  This unmoderated, open forum provides members with an opportunity to meet one another (virtually) and exchange ideas on issues of interest.  For more information, see our page on mailing lists.

Join Our Link Exchange Program

The AEBC is interested in working with organizations across Canada who are also committed to the goals of equality and full participation for all blind Canadians. Read about our Link Exchange Program, view our list of affiliates, and partner with us today.