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2008 AEBC Award Recipient: Anthony Tibbs

In 2006, Anthony  became National Treasurer.    As National  Treasurer, he has many responsibilities including monitoring the financial records, analyzing all the entries in the Simply Accounting files, developing the annual budget, reviewing the year end financials before going to the auditor, and recommending improvements to our Bookkeeper.

In addition as Finance/Fundraising Chair, he spends many hours on Fundraising tasks such as organizing, chairing and taking minutes at meetings, keeping informed of all fundraising activities, preparing customized fundraising packages for each contractor, negotiating contracts, and does extensive research on a regular basis.

Anthony is always willing to assist wherever he is needed.  He has spent hundreds of hours on tasks not related to his position as National Treasurer.

Some of these additional tasks include:

  • creating the inhouse fundraising data in order to extract necessary data
  • updating the CBM/Member database (which we realize is a very time consuming job)
  • constantly updating member information
  • recommending changes to the website
  • conference tasks which include, booking airline tickets, setting up the streaming of workshops, and so on.
  • participating in the BC Affiliate

A recent graduate of the University of Ottawa (with a Bachelor of Commerce (Business) degree), he is currently preparing to commence his studies in Law at McGill University (Montréal).

While at the University of Ottawa, Anthony was one of the main advocates for the creation of a student-run service to enhance the experience of students with disabilities at the institution.

He was their financial manager from 2003-2005, Service Director from 2005-2006, served on the University of Ottawa's Accessibility Committee, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa's Accessibility Fund Committee, and in several other capacities within the University of Ottawa community.

Anthony brings a unique and important perspective to the AEBC.  His academic training and practical work experiences have afforded him a strong functional background for the position of Treasurer (in terms of accounting, budgeting, fiscal policy, and business operations in general).  Furthermore, one of the present priorities for the AEBC is membership growth and the preparation of young, energetic, and innovative individuals to carry the work of the organization into the future.  In this sense, having a member on the national board that is in touch with, and able to directly relate to, some of the younger persons within the blind and partially sighted community in Canada is a valuable asset to the AEBC as a whole.

Anthony's dedication to the work of the organization, his pleasant manner, and his desire to take initiative makes him a great asset to our organization.

We are very fortunate to have him on our team.

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