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2005 CCD Award Recipient: Beryl Williams

Beryl's involvement in the consumer advocacy movement first began in 1980. She has worked on the NFB: AE national board and has been an active member of the Saskatoon chapter since its inception in 2002. Over the past 20 years, Beryl has advocated for the greater inclusion of blind Canadians in all aspects of life.

Beryl passionately believes that advancements made in computers and communications technology has afforded the greatest degree of independence to blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted individuals, by empowering them with the tools to access information that is essential for success and advocacy work. She believes that it is imperative that blind Canadians take full advantage of such access technology, along with other tools at their disposal, to ensure that they are collectively informed, organized, and equipped to confront any barriers that continue to deny them equal citizenship. Through her example, she demonstrates how valuable such skills continue to be.

Beryl has been actively involved in the consumer advocacy movement since the 1980's. She has had first hand experience both as a client and as an individual working on all levels of volunteer management, providing her with a unique understanding of both sides of the blindness arena. Beryl has left a mark not only in the greater advocacy movement, but has also fulfilled a great deal in her own personal life. She has lived in Saskatoon, SK since 1964, and has been legally blind since her early adolescence. Educated in the mainstream system in the UK, Beryl later went on to work as a teacher of pre-school aged children prior to moving to Canada with her husband. Beryl has three children and three grandchildren.

Beryl continues to promote a positive image of blindness in all organizational interactions with both public and private sectors. She has committed both the time and energy required to further advance the welfare and well being of present and future blind Canadians.