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2006 CCD Award Recipient: Denise Sanders

Denise remains one of our most devoted members. In 1996, she joined the NFB: AE and became President of the Central Okanagan Chapter for five years. She was elected to her second term as National Treasurer at the 2004 Annual General Meeting. After serving four years as National Treasurer, she was elected Director without Portfolio at the 2006 AGM. Denise is happiest to remain in the background and let others stand in the limelight, but she has taken on a tremendous amount of work from developing our new approach to staffing, managing fundraising and finances, and overseeing the transition in our Kelowna office.

She has taken on the role as Chair of Finance, and has been responsible for both fundraising and human resources. She has also participated on the Education/Employment and Membership/Mentorship Committees.

Denise has also produced a number of important materials for the AEBC, including a detailed package for AEBC chapters, an extensive policy manual, and most recently, she compiled a booklet of daily tasks entitled Tips for Independence. All these responsibilities have required a great amount of work and effort, and Denise has willingly volunteered her time for each of them.

She has taken on countless projects over the years, including the hiring, training, and supervising of staff. She has been responsible for negotiating fundraising contracts, and monitoring the organization's many fundraising initiatives.

Denise will continue to work hard at whatever responsibilities come her way. While serving on the board, Denise believes that it has been an honor to have worked with individuals who have been in the advocacy arena for twenty to thirty years. She feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to acquire new skills, meet many people from across the country, and gain new friends.

We in the organization feel even more fortunate for the dedication, tireless work, and endless commitment Denise has shown towards our cause.

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