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2004 CCD Award Recipient: Penny Leclair

Penny has been a member of the NFB: AE since 2000, but has been an advocate for equality for many years. She sat on the national board as First Vice President in 2004, and she is a committed member of the Ottawa chapter, where she currently resides with her guide dog, Kilo.

Penny received her education in Vancouver, BC, and in 1984 she graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) with a diploma in Business Administration. She was the first deaf-blind person to attend BCIT.

Penny married shortly after high school and has one son who lives in Vancouver. She and her husband moved to Ottawa in 1997, where she soon became an active member of the Ottawa community.

Penny has always advocated for the equality of all people. She has volunteered for United Way, the CNIB, and the Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind. Additionally, she has been a member of Guide Dog Users of Canada, an organization advocating on the behalf of Canadian guide dog users, for many years. Penny has also actively worked with the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA) committee, and has made various presentations in support of a strong ODA that can eliminate the barriers faced by disabled Ontarians.

Through working with the NFB: AE board of directors, Penny has helped members to support one another in order to confront the barriers faced by all people who are blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted. Thanks to dedicated individuals like Penny, persons who are blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted can strive to have greater access to their communities in the future.

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