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2012 CCD Award Recipient: Sharlyn Ayotte


Sharlyn Ayotte has been involved with the Disability Rights movement for more than 30 years and has never shied away from adversity let alone a challenge.  She is an entrepreneur, advocate, and a mentor.

One of her favorite sayings is, "While others may see obstacles as problems, entrepreneurs are people who view these as opportunities."

Sharlyn is the founder of T-Base Communications Inc and lives in Ottawa.  She founded T-Base Communications because she saw the need for Blind and partially sighted people to have equal access to information; especially to such things as bank statements and other types of bills of a confidential nature.  

Sharlyn has been one of the founders of the "black Cane Club". This act alone has demonstrated that Sharlyn can "think out of the box", stand up for one's principles, and dare to make a difference. She has dared to relinquish the concession and fight for mainstream equality.

Sharlyn has donated thousands of dollars to AEBC and other organizations to support their members and their work. She has attended many AGM's and worked in the background to assist members on an ongoing basis.  She has contributed  to the AEBC Scholarships and indeed has sponsored one for many years.

Sharlyn has also made generous contributions to the sponsoring of the hospitality suite at AGMs and many have personally discussed several issues with her and found her thought provoking in regards to moving the agenda of blind rights holders forward.  She has also sponsored several apprenticeships for young blind persons through her company.