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Talk to the President - May 2011


May 27, 2011

Dear AEBC Members:

As part of my commitment to increase communication between your board and you, I thought that I would kick things off with a short email/note from me.

First, allow me to tell you how humbled and delighted I am to be your new president. I know that I have very large shoes to fill but I am ready and willing and with your help I am confident that we will be able to take the AEBC to even greater heights.

I would be naive if I were to tell you that things are going to be easy sailing for us. With a new majority government in Ottawa, we are going to have to work even harder to make our voices heard and it is extremely important that we come together to achieve common goals and objectives.

Every voice and every piece of action taken on our part counts and it does not matter how small or big it is.

Communication and cooperation are two important keys to success. Teamwork is also important and I hope that we are all ready to begin a new phase in our journey towards equality.

There is so much for us to do and if we take one step at a time, we will get there. We may never win the war but we can win some important battles.

So, I would like to hear from you with some of your ideas. 

What can we do to: Attract more members especially students and young adults? Find ways to bolster our financial position? Collaborate more with other organizations?

Tell me and others what you think and use the members list to do so. I plan to communicate with you regularly and I'd like you to do the same with me.

With very best wishes for a great spring and summer!

Donna Jodhan

Your National President


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