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Call for Photos Taken by Blind and Partially Sighted Photographers

What follows is a call for submissions to an exhibit that will be held on the University of Alberta campus. The photographers do not need to live in Edmonton to have their photos qualify for the exhibition. I encourage anyone that is interested to submit some photos.

In Focus: Blind Photographers Challenge Visual Expectations

In Focus is an exhibition of photographs taken by blind and partially sighted individuals. This exhibition will explore the built environment. The photographs will feature urban spaces, including interior or exterior human-made places, such as buildings, streets, parks, rooms, and objects.

Call for Submissions

We are seeking blind or partially sighted individuals to submit photographs to the In Focus exhibition. 

You do not need prior experience with taking photographs. Beginners are welcome.

The purpose of this exhibition is to capture images of the built environment, including urban spaces, interior places, and exterior locations.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Cindy Couldwell, Co-curator for In Focus.  
Phone: 780-707-7259

Submission Requirements


You can use any type of camera to capture images, as long as the images are high resolution or best quality:

  • digital camera
  • disposable film camera
  • camera phone

You may submit up to 30 photographs.

If the photographs are digital, submit photographs of the highest resolution or best quality available.
If the photographs are on film, submit the printed photographs and we will scan them.


For each photograph submitted, include the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Date the photograph was taken
  • Location of the photograph
  • A brief write-up (20 to 40 words) about the image

Ensure we can match the photograph with its associated information; for example, state the filename of the image with its information.

Submission deadline: Friday, March 16, 2012

To submit your photographs and documentation electronically, email to receive instructions on submitting your files to an online storage location.

To submit your photographs via mail or in-person, send to:

Megan Strickfaden

Department of Human Ecology

326 Human Ecology Building

Edmonton, AB T6G 2N1


Selection and Exhibition

The In Focus selection committee will choose several photographs for inclusion in the exhibition. We will be responsible for printing the photographs. 

You will be asked to sign a waiver so that we may use your photographs in the exhibition and related materials.

The photographs will be displayed in Rutherford South on the University of Alberta campus. The exhibition opens May 3, 2012 and runs until May 27, 2012. This exhibition is held in association with the 2012 material culture symposium titled ‘Materiality & Independence: Disability, Ability & the Built Environment’.

Contact Information

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact:

Cindy Couldwell
Co-curator, In Focus

Megan Strickfaden
Co-curator, In Focus



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I participated in a similar project some years ago for CBC Radio for their online forum. Very cool! I think I may have to do this again; Opportunity to feed those creative juices. Thanks for the info Marc.

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