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A Great Technology Training Resource

On February 23, 2012, I came across a web page that deals with technology training for the blind. The web page is

The first thing that I noticed about the web site was its ease of use and accessibility. Everything was categorized in headings, and the links were easy to navigate to using Jaws for Windows, Voice Over on the Mac, and Window Eyes screen readers.

The web site caters to trainers who write electronic tutorial text books on the use of Software’s such as Word, and Internet Explorer just to name but a few. There is even a link that points to free electronic text files in the use of Windows 7 with Jaws and Window Eyes, and how to deal with the ribbon menu in Microsoft office 2007 or 2010.

Since I train clients in my every day job, I took a test drive and downloaded one of the free electronic text books that discusses the use of Jaws for Windows with Windows 7.

When I look at tutorials, I look at the following:

  • is the manual easy to understand?
  • Are the instructions clear enough that any user can follow them?
  • How accurate are the steps when doing a certain task in a software package?

In short, I found the electronic manual that I downloaded clear and easy to understand.

While this manual is not a replacement for any face to face training, it is definitely a great learning tool for anyone who is totally blind.


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Great resource-Easy to navigate the site. Thanks for sharing.

ZZ - Disregard this link; it is used to trick spammers.