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If I could dream

If I could have just a few seconds to dream then this is what I would dream of: That blind kids of the future will have a better shot at enjoying a more mainstream life.  That they will be able to have equal access to such things as websites, information, and services.  That their parents would be in a position to afford to buy them the necessary access technology that they would need in order to function on an equal footing with mainstream kids.  That somehow, they would be able to go out there and literally reach for the stars.

If I could have just one solitary moment to dream then this is what I would want to dream of:  That aging adults who are either blind or will be come blind later on in their life will be able to live their golden years in relative comfort.  That being; that they would be able to receive adequate services to help them cope with their blindness and loss of vision.  That their golden years will be filled with happiness and joy and that their lack of vision would not be a hindrance to them.

If I could dream for that one fleeting minute then I would dream that the doctors would find a cure for my blindness.  That somehow and some way, they will be able to come up with a medical solution to help me and others like me.  That somehow in the not too distant future, I would again be able to cherish a golden rising sun and an orange sunset.  That I would be able to look at a deep blue sky with fluffy white clouds coasting lazily by and white capped waves and a jade green ocean.

If I could have that one defining wish it would be this; that I could once again imprint the faces of my beloved parents, granny, and brothers on my mind.  That I would be able to see the Christmas lights, the ice skaters on an icy rink, my beloved Montreal Canadiens hockey team skating up the ice, birds of gorgeous plumage, and a plate all decorated with fruits of various shapes and colors.

If I could dream!  Ah, but only just a dream!  Then the rustic reds and burning oranges of fall and the burning candles in my favorite church would become a reality and then I would be able to reach out and touch whatever I wanted to.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan your friendly accessibility advocate wishing you a terrific day and inviting you to go out there and share my dreams with the rest of the world.  Visit me anytime at



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