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Innovative Competition Challenges Ontario Students to come up with Accessibility Solutions

This recent blog post describes an innovative challenge to university students in Ontario. The "Innovative Designs for Accessibility" (IDEA) is a contest organized by the Council of Ontario Universities and the Ontario Government and includes a cash prize for the winner. The challenge is to consult with industry, government, and the disability community to identify access barriers and to come up with creative, cost-effective, and practical solutions. The winner will be announced at an event at the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery Conference in May 2012.

Each university will select its two best submissions in each of the five categories. Those successful candidates will move on to a second round of judging by a panel of experts, who will evaluate entries for innovation, cost-effectiveness, and practicality. Bonus points will be awarded to entries whose format itself demonstrates consideration to accessibility issues.

The deadline for contest submissions is March 31, 2012. You can find rules and registration information by following this link


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