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Listen to our kids

In the normal scheme of things, we feel that it is our kids who need to listen to us but sometimes; we need to listen to our kids.  Whenever we think that they are not paying attention then guess what?  They are and much more than we think.  Whenever we think that they are shutting us out, it is we who are doing it, not them.

In November of 2010, I was invited to visit The Grove Community School by two teachers of a grade one class.  Shannon and Velvet wanted me to meet a group of my youngest supporters in my present court case against the Canadian Government.  Before I visited, Shannon told me that these little ones had sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to make the government of Canada websites accessible to blind persons.

Just imagine my surprise as I sat among these young minds listening to their questions.  They were not afraid to ask me anything.  Their questions were intelligent, intuitive, and you know what?  They had not been coached by anyone.  Straight out of the mouths of babes so to speak!  Such bright stars and who knows!  Maybe our future prime minister could have been among this bunch of enthusiastic youngsters?

As I walked out of the school on that crisp fall morning I looked up to the Heavens and shook my head with relief.  I felt that we were in excellent hands!  All we need to do now is to listen to our kids.

Note:  On February 14, 2012, this wonderful group of youngsters invited me back to their school to give a 10 minute presentation on abelism to over 300 students.  It was a very moving experience for me to have been standing there with all of these eager students listening to me talk about how I access various objects and services in a mainstream world.  The kids again got it and had no coaching from anyone.



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