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Read2Go: DAISY Reader Application for iPhone/iPod Products

On March 22, 2012, I downloaded a DAISY player application for the iPhone called Read2Go.  I simply went to the app store on my phone, and in the search box gave the query “Read2Go.”  See for more information.

Instantly I was presented with a search to this application, and was told that it only costs $19.99 out of my iTunes account.  I figured that this was a pretty good bargain for a DAISY player for my iPhone.  After hearing about it through Vision Australia’s web site through their tutorial section, I figured that I’d give it my two cents worth in accessibility.

For more information about Vision Australia’s web site you can go to,  Once there you can go to the adaptive technology link, and once on that page navigate to the link called Podcasts.  Once you go in to this page you will find a slew of resources dedicated to accessible software packages, and tutorials on using the Mac, and/or iPhone, and a resource section on a list of accessible applications for the iPhone and the Mac.

Getting back to Read2Go, once again the procedure in downloading the application to my iPhone was straightforward and simple.

I then proceeded to run the application. 

Once in the application I was able to select the category of a book search, or simply activate a list of books in my library.  This software will actually read your book using your iPhone speech synthesizer and allows you to navigate through headings, chapters, and go to pages. 

However these elaments must be present in the book you are reading. I haven’t yet had the chance to download a book from the CNIB since I havn’t yet received my books, however I encourage anyone who is interested to give it a shot.

The software is completely accessible, and is easy to navigate using your iPhone.

The application itself is available through Bookshare, as a self download; however,, if you own an iPhone, it's easier to download it from the app store using your iDevice.  When you go to the Bookshare page, you must become a member in order to download their books.  See for more information.

Needless to say, the tutorial on vision Australia’s web site describes how to download the book into your iPhone or iDevice, for playback.  I haven’t yet had the time to try this out, but encourage anyone to give it a shot.


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it all depends on the book, the book is supposed to allow you to go from heading to heading & page to page.... but it all depends on who did the book

I don't have a lot of experience using Daisy books but have downloaded some magazines from the CNIB library site. Being able to download with 1 click as opposed to chapter by chapter will definitely save time. Will consider trying out this new app on my IPhone.

I was referring to the daisy books on cd, there's a way you can put these books in the iPhone I just haven't tried it yet due to lack of time

If that is true, that might be quite interesting. I'm curious as to how the files get copied over there. My process at present is a bit involved. If it's a recent DAISY book (where the MP3 files are named 01_Chapter_1, 02_Chapter_2, etc.) it's relatively easy but time consuming to convert it to an Apple audiobook (using MarkAble), load that into iTunes, and then load that onto the iPhone. Why all that? Well, if you just transfer the MP3's as regular audio files, you can't change the playback speed of them...which drives me nuts.

If it's one of the older DAISY books (where the audio is named based on hex codes, e.g. A1C0EE2C.mp3), there's a whole extra step in there to rename them all into a more sensible format first.

It seems, from the CNIB blog post about Read2Go, that this makes it a simple matter of zipping the whole CD up and transferring it over with iTunes.

I don't believe that the CNIB currently offers any DAISY books for download. It may be that with the launch of the new-and-improved CNIB Digital Library in the next week or so that this will change. But up until now, they have only offered chapter-by-chapter MP3 downloads online.

Among the changes in the new system will be the ability to download books with one click, which will be very convenient. I can't seem to find anything that says, definitively, that DAISY books will be available on the new system, though.

I guess time will tell.

I would be curious (since I haven't used one recently) whether the CNIB books on CD include navigational elements in their DAISY books? Last time I tried them there was only chapter navigation, meaning it was more convenient for me to download the MP3s off the website than wait for eons for the DAISY book to come in the mail.

It would be fantastic if the new CNIB Digital Library included DAISY books with complete (or at least more) navigational elements in them.