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Mobile Facebook Messenger- on the iPhone

On March 27, 2012, I downloaded the Facebook messenger application for my iPhone.

I’ve been hearing lots of buzz around the tech community about this fantastic application for the iPhone, and I was curious as to how accessible it was.

Once again, the installation of the application was simple and straight forward; I was able to successfully install the application with out any problems.

I then proceeded to log in with my Facebook user account and password and got in with no problems.  VoiceOver was able to read the information with out any problems as well.

Once I was logged in, I was able to view all the messages on my wall sent from other Face Book members.

What I found extremely interesting was how simple the system was, meaning that I could navigate to any message, and read them with out any problems.

I even took a stab at replying to one of the messages, and to my surprise, I got a response, while my iPhone was locked, and I was able to hear the message and was able to open the message and reply back.

I encourage any one who has an iPhone to give this app a shot.

You simply go in to the appstore, and in the search edit field type in Facebook messenger.


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thanks for that clarification !

I like this app as well. Just wanted to clarify. It's not actually your wall postings that the app is showing you, at least with mine it isn't. It's messages that are sent to your inbox, and when you send messages, they go to your friends' inboxes, not their walls.

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