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Your slice of the pie

When it comes down to it, we could easily compare it to a slice of pie.  What am I going on about today?  Well, here goes!

In my humble opinion, we are each assigned a slice of pie when we come into this world.  Each slice is of the same exact size but we can increase or decrease the slice of our pie depending on our actions throughout our life.  If we take our slice and make things happen, if we take it and use it as a means to help expand our horizons, and if we take it and use it to help others, then the size of our pie will definitely grow.

If on the other hand we do not take advantage of it, then someone else will definitely come along and claim it and in turn, they will use it to broaden their own horizons, their own influences, and their own experiences.  There is no limit as to how big the size of our slice could be and this is important to know.  In other words, the sky is the limit as long as we want it to be.  

If I were to clarify this picture, it would look something like this:  If we as blind persons do not claim our rights (our slice of the pie), then it would be either given to someone else or thrown away.  Or worse, someone else is going to come along and take it away from us.  Neither government nor anyone else is going to hand us our rights on a platter.  True it is that we each have rights as a person and as a Human Being but that is the limit.  If we do not take steps to increase our slice of the pie, that is claim our rights and make sure that they are recognized and protected, then they will go unclaimed, unrecognized, and unprotected. 

Blind persons have to work extra hard to keep their slice of the pie.  That is, they have to work overtime to claim, protect, and have their rights recognized.  This is not going to change anytime soon and if we want to leave any sort of legacy to tomorrow’s generation of blind kids, then it is time for us to claim our slice of the pie.

Just my two cents worth for today.


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