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Hello, it’s the master of music Mike brining you some information on a new guitar effects processor I picked up just recently.

First of all let’s get out of the way what a guitar effect processor is:  A guitar effect processor allows you to change the sound of your guitar; this can either be an electric guitar, or acoustic guitar.  The guitar processor simply changes and shapes the sound of the guitar to make it sound like its sitting in a big haul, or in a bouncing ball effect. These are just but a few things that the processor actually does. I could spend all day talking about it but, I’m sure that I’d probably fill the memory banks of the blog site.

At any rate, I unpacked the unit from its box, and was extremely excited as to how much tactile feeling I got out of the buttons. The buttons seem to be easy to locate, and the unit itself was very sturdy, which means that it could withstand lots of pounding. You see this processor, sits on the floor, and the user is able to change the sounds using his/her feet.

The jacks to insert your guitar and amp are also easy to locate, and “yes,” it also comes with a USB port to stream audio in to your recording software, such as Garage Band or Sonar. I wouldn’t comment now as to how the unit sounds, as I haven’t yet had the time to even use it. I will definitely keep you all posted in a later blog post.


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