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A Mountain Lion Teaser

in this post, I'd like to take the time to discuss the new and up coming version of Mac OS 10, Mountain Lion.

I've been reading all the scoop on this amazing upgrade set to be released from Apple in July.

Among the many features, Mountain Lion promises to have a  similar look and feel to that of the iPhone, meaning you will be able to perform the same jesters as on the iPhone and/or iPad using your trackpad.

Mountain Lion will allow users to send iMessages to iDevices.

Finally, Mountain Lion promises to be more robust and have better performance stability.

I seriously can't wait to have this new release from Apple.

Best of all, Mountain Lion will be a $19.00 upgrade, and what I love most about apple Os upgrades is that you are actually authorized to install it on up to five different computers.


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thank you !

You can find a very extensive description of many of the new features here

The ones that interest me the most are dictation, some of the new accessibility features, dedicated notes and reminders apps, and notification centre.

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