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Right on Red Revisited

This week's blog post is on the hot topic of turning right on red.

I was shocked to find out in "La Press", a local montreal paper, that the city is still debating on wether Downtown Montrealers should have the right to turn right on red lights.

A while back I commented on a local CBC station in their news hour, expressing my concern and my opinion on why I thought Montreal was not ready to incorporate the right to turn on a red light in downtown Montreal.

In january 2012, I stated to the reporter that because of the construction happening in Montreal, having the right to turn on red, would cause people in montreal more confusion and more accidents.

I also went on to state that statistics have proven time and time again that Montrealer's, because of traffic and construction, have the shortest road span while driving. Having Montrealers turn right on red would not be feasible at this time, as there would be lots of injuries amongst pedestrians.  could you imagine what this would mean to Blind Montrealers?

While it is true that folks in different provinces around Canada are turning right on red all the time, I strongly believe that until the construction is under control, and until people in montreal can get a little patience while driving, this issue of turning right on red should be only considered at a much later time.

Furthermore, there are other regions in Quebec (not specifically Montreal) where right on red is happening, but these regions have little or no traffic at all, and the traffic in these regions of Quebec (not specifically Montreal) is better controlled.

Furthermore, Turning right on red in Downtown montreal is not feasible at this time due to our cyclists .  A couple of years ago, the new mayor of Montreal made it possible to have roads built for bikes, to promote a more healthy way of getting around downtown Montreal.  In fact, in an article, the cyclists who were interviewed stated that they were also not in favour of having the ability to have Downtown turn right on red.

I honestly thought that after January's interview on CBC, that the politicians of Montreal would give up this whole issue of turning right on red, and then to find out that this topic is still being discussed and that the politicians of Montreal are strongly wanting the right on red makes me wonder what kind of folks I supported when I last voted.

Do these guys not get it?

As I said, if they are going based on the fact that right on red is happening all over the country, they simply haven't seriously taken a look at the actual situation downtown.

As I stated above, I'd be more for right on red if we didn't have all these variables. Major Traffic, Major Construction, Many Cyclists in an effort to reduce cars and promote health, including the Bixi Bikes introduced to Montreal a couple of years ago.

I strongly hope these politicians think about what they are doing, and who they are about to hurt. If right on red is passed in Downtown Montreal, you definitely wouldn't be catching me traveling in downtown Montreal anymore.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this hot topic so Please reply below!


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Here in New Brunswick, as well as other maritime provinces, turning right has always been permitted. In a senior moment, my friend, decided she could also turn left on a red light. Habits makes waste, Liberties abused are often lost. Her reply was. "So what the difference If no traffic is coming" my heart in my thoat on a 4 lane street, I replied... "There is a difference, believe me "

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